4 arrested for stabbing Muslim man are from Bajrang Dal, Mangaluru Police Commissioner tells Janta Ka Reporter

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By JKR Staff
Mangaluru Police Commissioner Shashi Kumar has said that the city police had arrested four people in connection with the stabbing incident of a Muslim man on Thursday. Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Kumar said that all four belonging to Bajrang Dal.

“We’ve arrested four people and all of them belong to Bajrang Dal. We are further investigating the case and will arrest people if needed,” Kumar told Janta Ka Reporter.

The news of a 23-year-old Muslim man being stabbed by Hindutva goons had sent shockwaves across India on Thursday. According to reports, Bajrang Dal goons had stopped a bus in which a group of students were travelling to Bangaluru. The Hindutva goons brutally assaulted the Muslim man before stabbing him in his hip.

Mangaluru Police Commissioner Kumar said that the victim’s condition was stable and he was out of danger. “He received about a centimeter deep injury and his condition is stable,” Kumar added.

The Mangaluru Police are also probing the role of those who may have tipped off about the interfaith couple to the Hindutva goons.

The interfaith couple knew each other for years and were on their way to Bengaluru.

Mangaluru has seen many incidents of communal violence in the past. Experts say that Hindutva groups have become emboldened after the BJP managed to wrest power from the Congress-JDS alliance 2019 despite the saffron party not being able to win a majority in the assembly polls.

In 2015, in yet another incident of right-wing fanaticism and utter disregard for the rule of law, dozens of youths belonging to militant Hindu outfit Bajrang Dal had attacked a Muslim youth in Mangaluru because he was travelling with a Hindu girl. The Muslim man was stripped and tied to an electric pole before being thrashed.

In 2016, the Mangaluru Polic has arrested five Bajrang Dal members in connection with an alleged kidnapping and beating of a Muslim boy. These goons had kidnapped a 21-year-old boy Arshad for going shopping with a Hindu female friend.
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