MUMBAI: Aggrieved at the volume at which mosques in their neighbourhoods amplify the call to prayer, a few people in Mumbai have petitioned the State Human Rights Commission saying the breach of noise restrictions is a violation of their human rights. The 3 petitioners have a common advocate who is also a Hindutva activist.

Central to each complaint is the plea that freedom from noise pollution is part of the right to life and liberty guaranteed under the Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Another individual’s constitutional right to freely profess, practice and propagate their religion, they argue, cannot infringe upon their inalienable right to life.

The complaints also state that in 2005, the Supreme Court prohibited the use of loudspeakers between 10 pm and 6 am. In addition, the complaints state, the Bombay High Court (HC) has set the ambient day and night-time noise levels in residential areas at 45 decibels and 55 decibels respectively. This degree of quiet is however impossible to achieve in Mumbai.

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