Noting discrepancies in the statements of two police officials, a Delhi court on Friday acquitted a man accused of rioting, arson and unlawful assembly during the Northeast Delhi riots of 2020.

Rashid, the complainant, had alleged that on a February 2020 night, a mob attacked his house and set it on fire after looting the jewellery kept there. He also alleged that the mob had set his motorcycle on fire.

The prosecution, relying on the statements of nine witnesses, had held the accused Sandeep Kumar responsible for being part of the mob. Charges were also framed against Kumar in August 2021.

Advocate V S Dhangar, representing Kumar, argued that the complainant did not say anything about the accused’s involvement in the riot. He further argued that no weapon was recovered from Kumar.

According to Special Public Prosecutor Nitin Rai Sharma, two police officials had identified Kumar among the rioters.

Additional Sessions Judge Pulastya Pramachala, however, observed contradictions and discrepancies in the statements of the two officials and held their testimonies to be unreliable.

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