A 20-year-old Muslim youth was tied to an electric pole in Ranchi and beaten to death by a Hindu mob over suspicion of theft on Friday.

“He had performed Roza at our home (in Pandari village in Chanho block) around 4.30am and gone out. He used to smoke ganja, but he never stole anything. After a while, I heard that villagers in nearby Mahuatoli were beating my son. I ran to Mahuatoli to find my son tied to an electric pole and being thrashed by some villagers,” The Telegraph quoted the deceased Wajid Ansari’s father Abdul Rahman Ansari as saying.

He succumbed to his injuries at a hospital the next day.

“The villagers said my son had entered someone’s house to steal. I asked what they had recovered from his possession. They said a packet of ganja had been found. My son was bleeding profusely. Soon, police reached the spot and took my son to hospital. He died a few hours later,” said Abdul Rahman Ansari…

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